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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t eliminate any food groups from your diet unless you have food intolerance or allergies then you will obviously avoid those type of food.    Essentially you can eat whatever you want but we’ll help you optimize and balance your nutrition to prevent micronutrient deficiency. 

You can use our FAN Physique nutrition regimen even while you’re on Keto.  But from my personal experience of coaching hundreds of clients,  there only handful of people that want to try Keto let alone be able to sustain it.  And the metabolic repercussion is usually not good the moment they decide to stop Ketogenic diet.

Whether you’re on Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian diet, there are many factors involved when someone hit a plateau.   Biggest one is adherence but many dieters don’t always understand or know what they need to adhere to either.  But if they do then we can say metabolic adaptation might be one of the variables and it still depends.  But we have strategies for those as well.  

We have nutritional strategy in place for any of this kind of situation.   I know this is something I have seen with many yoyo dieters out there that’s why I have plan for it. 

The Diamond Pkg 6 month plan comes with Vacation, Holiday and Leave nutritional strategy that will protect you from having to worry about these kind of events.   In fact during last quarter of the year in 2018 we dealt with the biggest group of clients that had to travel between October and December.  Total of 35 clients that had to travel.  60% of them used our nutritional strategy have actually lost weight despite not being a goal.  The goal during this period was just to maintain weight.  The rest came back and maintain weight.  There’s small number that were slightly above their maintenance threshold but we placed them back in the depletion strategy cycle and they got back on track of losing weight again after one week.