Finally eliminate yoyo dieting, achieve self-confidence and crush more life goals!

Lose stubborn belly FAT & gain lean muscles with flexible nutrition and training. 

Does it feel you have a SLOW metabolism? Do you know what causing you to plateau?

You already tried too many diet programs but nothing seems to work?  You just keep losing and gaining, and your metabolism is maybe suffering from testing too many fad diets or programs that are not sustainable.


It doesn't have to be this way, our Physique Transformation Program can help rehabilitate your metabolism so you can eliminate weight cycling and crush your goals!

    Are you frustrated there are NO Flexible Plans for you whenever you're going out to eat?

    We know you been down this road before.  You keep it giving it 100% effort but if there's no flexibility in the programs you won't be able to sustain it. 


    It's not your fault and it shouldn't have to be this way.  We pride ourselves in providing superior nutrition strategies for any occasions.  


    Take our survey and see if you're good fit.

    It's never too late to recondition your metabolism! 

    At FAN Physique we care

    about your health & fitness goals.

    • Over 1,000 clients achieved physique transformations

    • Over 3,000 training programs prescribed 

    • more and more clients brag about their results and continue to send us messages.

    3 Easy Steps To Your Physique Transformation

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    What Our Clients Saying

      I’ve reached my #1 goal- summer bod. I PR’d in pull ups, bench press, deadlifts and back squats. Muscles are defined more than ever in my life.  I see muscles I never saw before.  I'm the healthiest I've ever been.  Great program for people in all stages in life.  Whether you are an advanced athlete or someone who is trying to find their way into a healthier lifestyle.  Each program is created specifically to fit your nutritional needs and fitness goals.  


    Nurse, California

    “V” has completely turned my side-eyed view of what I thought was fad fitness (macros). Even at my age and with my previous and current injuries, I’ve never been in better health or physical fitness.


    Everyone’s gonna want to know what your doin m and how you’re doing it.  Send them to “V”.

    They’ll owe you BIG!




    Air Force  Veteran

    Here’s list of achievements while working with Coach V.

    Better Sleep Less Stress
    Gained confidence within my personal and professional areas of life, Weight loss
    Motivation to complete my Personal Training Cert. Education
    Muscle gain
    Got athletic body
    Better eating habits
    More natural approach to losing fat and gaining muscle. 


    Military Training Instructor

    CONFIDENCE It's not our confidence that matters - it's yours.    

    At FANPT Academy, we know what we are doing.   But it's not our confidence that matters - it's yours.  By far the greatest thing we get out of our programs is helping clients to reach their goals and seeing the confidence boost that comes as a result.    Take the survey to see if you're ready!

    CONSISTENCY Our program encourages you to keep up progress from week to week. 

    We are big believers that nothing quite achieves results like consistency.  If you're looking for the motivation to keep going from week to week, this is the program for you.  Contact us now and get motivation. 

    CONVENIENCE make progress anywhere you go, we will work with you.

    Through virtual coaching, you can receive training from any location in the world.  We can conduct online conferences with all our clients, helping us to get to know your lifestyle and the foods that you eat.  Having exercises routines and schedules on our FAN App and multiple video series for continued education. 

    Feel better without torture diets.  Download your FREE COPY below!

    I've trained hundreds of people and tested almost every method with my clients to maximize metabolism and fat burning. Through this experience and new research results, I've made a list of the best methods.  I want you to utilize natural "biohacking" to achieve the best results for your goals. 


    Note:  #6 you can completely avoid but for small percentage of people it works amazingly well when they're able to sustain it.   

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